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Loyalty is indicated by the green shield icon on players card, when a player has no loyalty, the loyalty shield is greyed out.

The extent of a player's loyalty to his FUT club is shown by their Loyalty in FUT 23. With player loyalty, a player's Chemistry will be raised by 1. This will enable you to maximize their on-field statistics.

The green loyalty shield emblem on each player's card is a sign of loyalty; when there is none, it is greyed out. For a player in your team who lacks it, you may win their complete allegiance.

How Can I Increase My Player Loyalty in FIFA 23?

While players purchased from the Transfer Market with FIFA 23 coins arrive with no loyalty, those obtained in FIFA 23 packs already have complete FUT allegiance.

The minimum number of games a player must play for your team in order to earn loyalty is 10. This is true whether the player is a starter or a substitute. Your player's loyalty badge will automatically turn green following 10 games.

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