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EA Sports swiftly addressed a mishap involving the Matteo Guendouzi RTTF Player Item in EA SPORTS FC, which was initially released with an incorrect league association.

EA Sports recently addressed an issue with the Matteo Guendouzi RTTF (Road to the Final) Player Item in EA SPORTS FC, where it was released with an incorrect league association. This mistake was significant as it could affect the player's usability and chemistry in Ultimate Team squads, directly impacting gameplay strategies.

What Happened

The issue came to light when players noticed that the Matteo Guendouzi RTTF Player Item was associated with the wrong league. This kind of error can disrupt the game's balance and player strategies, as league alignment is crucial for building team chemistry in EA SPORTS FC's Ultimate Team mode.

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Why EA is Returning Coins

EA has taken responsibility for the mistake and is taking corrective action to ensure fairness and maintain player trust. They updated the Guendouzi Player Item to reflect the correct league and announced that players who acquired the RTTF Matteo Guendouzi Player Item through the Transfer Market before the correction would be reimbursed with their spent Ultimate Team (UT) Coins. This move is to compensate for any inconvenience or potential disadvantage caused by the error. Additionally, affected players will be contacted in-game with further details in the coming days.

EA Tweet


For players who did not purchase the Matteo Guendouzi RTTF Player Item but are looking to enhance their Ultimate Team, there's still an opportunity to buy FC 24 coins on the FUTCOIN website. This platform offers a legitimate way to acquire in-game currency, allowing players to strengthen their squads and improve their gaming experience.

This incident highlights EA's commitment to maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming environment, promptly addressing issues and compensating players when necessary.

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