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Review and Possible Lowest-Cost Solutions SBC Winter Wildcards Toni Kroos

EA Sports has revealed that a new SBC is now available in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team mode to obtain Toni Kroos Winter Wildcards 91 OVR card.

The holidays are among us, and there are plenty of new players to add to your winter wishlist. Celebrate the gift of football by adding two teams of Winter Wildcards Player Items to your Ultimate Team squad.

Winter Wildcard Player Items get a range of permanent buffs inspired by previous, current, or prospective future FUT Campaign enhancements.

SBC Toni Kroos Winter Wildcards: Requirements

Real Madrid

  • Min. 1 Player from Real Madrid

  • Min. 2 Players with minimum OVR of 85

  • Min. Team Rating: 83

Top Form

  • Min. 1 Players: Team of the Week

  • Min. Team Rating: 84


  • Min. 1 Player from Germany

  • Min. 2 Players with minimum OVR of 86

  • Min. Team Rating: 85


  • Min. 1 Player from LaLiga

  • Min. Team Rating: 87

Expiration date: January 8, 2023

Official Stats Toni Kroos Winter Wildcards

Toni Kroos Winter Wildcards Official Stats

Is it worthwhile? Mini review.



Shoot Power


Ball Controll


5* SM / 5* WF



Possible Lowest-Cost Solutions SBC Winter Wildcards Toni Kroos

Here are some of the most cost-effective options. Remember that it is always preferable to utilize the players who are already in your club first, especially if they are not Tradable, since you will never be able to benefit in Coins.






Real Madrid

Real Madrid

Top Form

Top Form





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