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FIFA 23 is not far away, with our first look at the game expected shortly.

FIFA 23 is not far away, with our first look at the game expected shortly.

Cross-play is already being tested in FIFA 22, and its inclusion is expected to be a major selling point for the franchise's upcoming installment.

Having said that, the most recent cross-play leaks appear to imply that certain players will be left behind.

Cross-Play in FIFA 23

Cross-play is slated to feature significantly across all modes in FIFA 23, according to DonkTrading on Twitter, who has lately shared a slew of FIFA 23 info. It will be available to gamers on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia.

This implies that users using older generation consoles, such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, will be excluded.

FIFA 23 latest leaks

With Ultimate Team slated to be featured in the list of modes that support cross-play, the fresh new game might have a totally different FUT market.

This is expected to please many next-generation gamers, allowing them to interact with buddies like never before.

This report, however, leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth of old-generation console gamers, since one of FIFA 23's main selling factors is said to omit them totally.

LIVE Cross-Play Testing in FIFA 22

EA has announced that cross-play testing will take place in FIFA 22, and it is currently available on all platforms.

Once you've engaged the cross-play test and are in the main menu of FIFA 22, you'll see a widget in the bottom right-hand corner that can be opened with the relevant button prompt, as shown below.

FIFA 22 cross-play testing LIVE

Simply follow the button prompt to activate or deactivate your cross-play test participation from here.

You may also search for friends regardless of platform in this widget, and you can block and/or mute someone if necessary.

You may also manage your Cross-play test participation by going to the Matchmaking Options Settings page, which is shown below.

How to enable FIFA 22 Cross-Play now

It's as easy as playing with a friend online today, but with a few more options!

But as mentioned earlier, the transfer market will still be separate. Therefore, you will have to buy FIFA 22 coins on each platform separately.

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