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What will the new transfer market for FIFA 23 look like? A succinct analysis from

In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, the Transfer Market is a digital auction-based market place where players may buy and sell consumables, consumables, player cards, and other tradeable FUT assets.

The Transfer Market serves as the central location for buying, listing, and selling goods as well as recruiting new players to raise the overall Chemistry Rating of your squad. You can quickly locate the perfect footballer to complete your Active Squad by searching and filtering players at the Transfer market by Name, Nationality, League, Club, Quality, Position, Chemistry Style, or Pricing.

The Transfer Market option is found under Transfers on the FUT Hub main screen.


FUT players and things may be traded on Transfer Market. There, users may both sell their own goods on the market and purchase brand-new goods.

The targeted products must either be bid on with the bid price or with the buy now price for an instant buy in order to purchase them from the transfer market. The item with the highest bid price at the end of the item's bidding period wins the auction.

The selling products must be published on the market with a Start Price (Minimum bid price), a Purchasing Now Price (A price for quick buy and Maximum Bid Price), and a Transfer Duration in order to be sold on the Transfer Market (The duration for your item to be available for bidding). You may compare your item with identical or comparable ones already on the market to see their market pricing before putting it up for sale on the transfer market.


A transaction made on the Transfer Market is subject to a 5% tax, which is paid by the seller. Here is an online tax calculator that you may use to figure out your market trading tax.


The market is where you may buy and sell any tradeable FUT item. The following categories have been used by the Transfer Market to group these products for searching and listing purposes:

  • Players

  • Consumables

  • Stadium

  • Staff

Search & Filters

You must do a search for your item and filter your results by Name, Nationality, League, Club, Quality, Position, Chemistry Style, Primary Colour, Secondary Colour, Content Type, and/or Pricing in order to buy players and things from the transfer market. You may search for your player name to buy players, but you must choose your item type to buy other stuff.

List on Transfer Market

You must use the option "Post on Transfer Market" to list your FUT products there in order to sell them. This choice is available on the "Actions" menu on your cards, in My Club, Squads, and other places. Keep in mind that only tradable cards have the opportunity to be listed on the transfer market.

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