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The Co-op mode in FIFA will help you to progress together with your friends earning rewards.

Volta Football and FIFA 23 Ultimate Team both seem to have cooperative modes. By hitting R2/RT on the main menus of FUT and Volta mode, you may access the co-op mode feature from the EA Social menu. You and your pals can gather in the lobby before to the match. You can invite your online pals to play cooperative FUT games and receive rewards in the co-op lobby.

You may advance in FIFA's co-op mode with your pals while completing relevant FUT goals and collecting prizes like Rivals Squad Battles points.

How do I access the FUT Co-Op Lobby?

Nearly everywhere in FUT and Volta Football has co-op lobby. You can access the EA Social menu and add or invite friends to play with you online by pressing R2/RT.

How Does EA Social Work?

You can access the EA Social menu to access a new screen above your FIFA screen with the following options:


The list of your online/offline friends.

Game Invites

The list of invites you have received. Here you can invite them when they are online – You will need to elect a game mode first.

Friend Requests

The list of sent and received friend request.

Player Search

You can add friends here by searching their names or Gamer Tags here and send them a friend request.

Recently Met

Your recent activities with your friends.

Social Settings

Here you can adjust the settings for the following options:

  • Notifications – Mute or unmute notifications. Friends online status. Requests alarms. Party / lobby invites and etc.

  • Privacy – Your privacy settings at EA Account website.

  • Cross-play – Enable or disable cross-play matchmaking. Cross-play is not available in public co-op mode.

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